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About Us

Aligys srl is a company who is situated in Italy and provides effective solutions for the professional growth through a wide range of services for professionals ranging from the training to the professional updating but they look to the citizens , enterprises , public bodies, in order to meet their needs. Aligys Srl was born from the passion of scholars and technicians who have decided to offer a service of quality and competence to its clients ready to be of assistance for the professional growth to the development of the market dynamics .Through training courses, Aligys is able to develop training projects aimed at providing an added value to its work in terms of quality and competitiveness.The training area, in fact, foresees an educational offer that gives to the users  solutions of professional development aimed to consolidate its skills and acquire new ones for a conscious approach to the world of work , or simply for its own personal growth in the working sector of  reference.The training takes place in the class but also through training “in house” and modules that provide users with a great dynamism in terms of saving time and costs.The Staff of Aligys examines with the interested parties the chosen course and recommends the training course which best suits their needs, aspirations and attitudes.For the enterprises, training is supplied in the thematic areas related to the activity of the enterprise: the market , the economic and financial management, production and innovation, safety on the job.

Our Services

Advertising campaigns and information services through the network, with  company or professionals, for leading portals and indexed at the top in the ranking of GOOGLE and other search engines.

Specialized analysis for the best access to the credit of individuals and public and private companies.

Assistance and advice regarding legal, tax, accounting, immigration law, labor law through a network of professionals working to satisfy the contingent needs and provides a rapid and effective response. Consulting for companies to get benefits and access to Interprofessional Funds.

Creation of logos and advertising campaigns, communication , press office.

Expert opinions and analysis of compound interest, derivatives, swaps and counts on banking and financial instruments.

Organization of Events , Conferences, Conventions , Fairs.

Management and marketing of online advertising spaces.

Advice and information on promotions and awareness in the tourism, health and environment sector.

We design and build business brands by following all stages of the graphics processing to the deposit of the trademark at the competent Authorities.

On request of the enterprises we are able to offer legal advice for the implementation of the “trademarks of quality”.

Design, production, management, maintenance, websites installation but also design and implementation of software and hardware.

Agency of branding, marketing and communication: advertising and marketing services, web designing tools for the management of online promotional activities.

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